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Natto is a very challenging Japanese food ... at least at first!

10 Japanese Foods from OUTSIDE your comfort zone!

Japanese food is good. I mean, really good. There aren’t many places in the world you can’t find a Japanese restaurant nowadays, and of course – the best of it is in Japan itself. While many Japanese foods are celebrated for their exquisite flavors and meticulous preparation, there are however certain delicacies that might challenge your palate somewhat….. We asked our students which Japanese foods they may have struggled with….

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Kobe Beef on the bucket list of Japanese food

Your Japanese food bucket list

Coming to Kobe? Kobe is known throughout Japan as a ‘city for foodies’. While you can find the finest of Michelin dining in Kobe, it’s down at street level that the food scene really takes off. Here’s our recommended bucket list of ‘must tries’ for your stay, with a preference for the cheap and the cheerful!

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